Note to Self……

I used to say that sarcastically, in jest, “note to self….” followed by some blatantly obvious statement…..

I was soooo young. Now I find that I use “notes to self.”

They free me to be so much more creative. I find it is so liberating to be able to immediately write that note down, somewhere I cannot ignore it. I don’t have to remember it more than once….whatever it is, only just long enough to make a note to self and leave it somewhere that I will see it at the appropriate time.

I am not sure if this is maturing or finally realizing the value of time and limited resources…to wit, my not so reliable memory!

2 thoughts on “Note to Self……

  1. thistledog says:

    hey, this didn’t work. The hyperlink doesn’t have the wordpress part in it. I went to your blog and this post is not showing, either. Waaaah!

  2. mtngrl5 says:

    that is what happens when you work on a draft post in more than one device. I published from one, then closed the browser, discovered the second one and logged out in it with the post still a draft. When I looked at it later it showed that it was published on February 7th, but the status was still draft. I confused the software! Silly, but it feels like something of an accomplishment!

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