Another New Day Dawning

Spring revelations

Spring revelations

There are mornings that tug at my soul. Moments that make all else fade to insignificance. The troubles of the past few years shrink to nothing at moments like these and everything that brought me to this point was infinitely worthwhile.

This soul stretching, this sense of newness, of overwhelming magnificence is akin to what I experience when in the midst of the creative muse. It is somehow both internal and external all at once. It is a world all it’s own, whether it is a moment of exquisite beauty or an entire night or day that feels like only a moment, this is why I exist. This is what gets me out of bed, what keeps me going when there is no light to lead me on. This blog is my documentation of the moments of brightness, the exhiliration, my Raison d’être.

This is what I know for sure – no matter how dark or horrible the world appears, the fog will lift to reveal absolute magnificence.

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