Angels In The Moment

We, as in everyone here in the Colorado mountains, woke up to a white Christmas this morning.

The fresh snow is welcomed by young children of all ages. I am one of them. I will not be up on the ski hill today, it’s work time for all the resort employees, but my job will be easier and my heart so much lighter.

I am watching some kids from Florida making snow angels, their high pitched laughter penetrated the windows of the condo and i threw on a coat and went down to see what all the excitement was about.

The boy must be about four. He has been running in circles stopping from time to time to jump up and down. The excitement and joy is more than he can contain. He has no concept of snow angels and no room in his little body for anything but pure excitement. His bright blue and yellow snow clothes dim in comparison to his bright joy filled smile.

His older sister doesn’t even notice his destruction of her angels. She plops down hither and yon, fanning arms and legs, a bright pink blur of motion, then jumps up and plants both hands on her hips, cocking her head and considers her creation. The pause is momentary then she is off to create yet another angel. She is intent on the angel of the moment, never looking back, uninterested in the blank slope ahead of her.

I can’t wipe this big grin off my face as I walk back up the stairs. I am tucking this lesson on living in the now into my heart to take to work with me today. The best gift of all, a lesson in living!

Merry Christmas to all!